Our Mission

                          Our mission is to empower each section of society throught education and produce socially committed professionals. Our mission is to provide students a sense of understanding for values and ethics, a commitment to Yoga and Naturopathy and appreciation of human creativity or Awareness for Naturopthy.

                        To impart houistic knowlwdge of Yoga & Naturopathy students to be Competent Yoga Professionals, committed to the course of community development through sustained academic activities and recearch there by Promoting empowerment throught Yogic Science & Naturopathy or Primary Health Care , Teacher Traing , Paramedical  education for building ethical society.

  • Learner centred education of excellence
  • Strong community interaction.
  • Professionalism in education & service
  • Efficiency, quality, continuous improvement and innovation in all the process of our system.
  • Develop adaptabillity skills to meet the challenges of changing times.